React essentials training

I am being put on an exciting new project at work that uses, you guessed it, react!

It seems that react is the hot new thing for us. It has many benefits of delivering content client side and is much easier to develop in than our standard C# .NET libraries.

  • All we really need is a text editor and an API endpoint and we are pretty much good to go.
  • This on a large scale reduces our server load and delegates it to the client.
  • Rich site interactions
  • Faster website rendering after inital load
  • Great for web apps

Plus, its the hot new thing in the web development world and it seems that’s where things are headed.

  • Another benefit is that it is easier to hire for and seek out candidates that know this stack. Plus, it is always smart to add new skills to your resume.

Performance gains

  • No full page load required
  • Lazy loading is possible(load only what you need)
  • Cheaper hosting and easy deployments

I am currently dog sitting in the mountains in a town called Nederland which is about 40 minutes from my work in Boulder, CO. I have a free bus pass that work provides me and I don’t like driving, so I’d rather take the bus and be productive.

Over the next work week, I will delve into react esseintail training and post on what I have learned here. Hopefully you will learn something new!

If you want to follow along it can be found on
React.js Essential Training