The five master keys

  • Instruction

  • Practice

  • Surrender

  • Intentionality

  • The Edge

Dealing with change and homeostasis

  • Be aware of the way homeostasis works

  • Be willing to negotiate with your resistance to change

  • Develop a support system

  • Follow a regular practice

  • Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning

Getting energy for mastery

  • Maintain physical fitness

  • Acknowledge the negative and accentuate the positive

  • Try telling the truth

  • Honor but don’t indulge your own dark side

  • Set your priorities

  • Make commitments. Take action

  • Get on the path of mastery and stay on it

Pitfalls along the path

  • Conflicting way of life

  • Obsessive goal orientation

  • Poor instruction

  • Lack of competitiveness

  • Over Competitiveness

  • Laziness

  • Injuries

  • Drugs

  • Prizes and medals

  • Vanity

  • Dead seriousness

  • Inconsistency

  • Perfectionism

Goals and contingencies are important, sure, but they exist in the future and in the past.

Practice, the path of mastery exists only in the present state.

To love the plateau is to love the external learning. Enjoy the accomplishments and accept the plateau that waits just beyond them.

Be in the hands of a master teacher.

  1. Teacher mentor.

  2. Practice staying on the path. The ups/downs barriers of the ego but it will lead to mastery.and staying on the path

  3. Surrender

  4. Intentionality

  5. The edge.

Early stages of learning you should have the spirit of the fool. Learning any kind of skill involves certain indignities. First few dives are sure to be belly flops, and everyone is bound to see them.

If you want to get there, be prepared to take it.

Surrendering to your teacher and to the fundamentals of the art are only the beginning.

Surrender means there are no experts, only learners.

Mental game is 50% visualization

40% setup

10% swing

Every master is a master of vision.


  1. Why resolutions fail.

    1. Homeostasis wants things to go back to the baseline normal. It is humane nature.

    2. Be aware of how homeostatis works

      1. Social homeostatyis, also is a big impact.

      2. Be prepated to experience falling back to the baseline

    3. Be willing to understand an notice your resistance to change.

  2. Develop a support system.

  3. Follow regular practice.

  4. Habit provides a help against homeostatis.

  5. Dedicate yourself to lifelong learning

To learn is to change….educate, books, behavior, changes the learner

The path of learning never ends…..

Getting energy for master

Best remedy for alertness if aerobic exercise.

  1. Maintain physical fitness.

  2. Acknowledge the negative and accentuate the positive.

Me: I’m not as good of a programmer that I’d like to be. Not much of a social life outside of the college bunch not as good with the ladies yet as I’d like to be, I sleep in late and go to work late.

  1. Try telling the truth

4 .Set your priorities.

A, B, C, D etc. of the day/week.
  1. Make commitments and take action.

  2. Get on the path to mastery and stay on it.

Inconsistency is my biggest pitfall.

Consistency is the practice if the mark of the master.

Continuity of time and place can establish a rhythum that bouys you up and carries you along your path.

Remember, most of life if in-btween time. That is it is waking up, getting, dress, commuting, working until llunch, taking lunch, working to 5,..NONE OF THAT COUNTS..but it should and does!